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I want to support the 503d Heritage Battalion !

Thank you for your interest.

Through the generosity of donors like you, the Heritage Battalion will continue to support the existence of the websites celebrating the 503d PRCT and the men of the 503d.  The role of the websites is to preserve and to promote the Heritage of the PRCT by making available on the internet as much information as can be reasonably placed there about who we are and what we did, and why we went to war.  Our War, our words. As we enter a new century, your contribution will help us continue to explore new and better methods for bringing history to the public - via the Internet.  

Your donation to the Heritage Bn. is secure and private. It  will not be shared with any other organizations. You may wish to designate that the funds be used in any way - towards one of our projects.  We encourage you to visit our Projects Page. 

Our main project is to continue the websites 503d on The Rock, Corregidor - Then and Now and, of course, The 503d PRCT Heritage Bn. 

Presently, the Heritage Bn. is privately supported by a group of individual 503d members. However, we know we won't be around for ever, but we'd like to see the Heritage Bn. continue to  develop and grow, and to support the goals which we have espoused in our Mission Statement.  We hope that what we have started here can become self funding after we're gone. 

To complete the donation, we will be using the services of PayPal, which is the easiest and cheapest way for us to receive funds. It allows anyone with an e-mail address (and a credit card) to pay anyone else with an e-mail address.  It has over 17 million registered users and is fast becoming the global standard for online payments. After you click on the "Make a Donation" button,  a new window will open and you will be taken to a secure website. What happens there is secure.  None of your financial details will be accessible to anyone outside of PayPal themselves - not even us.  Eventually, PayPal will send us an e-mail with the confirmation of a donation, but this will be placed in our account only after we send an "acceptance confirmation." Your donation will not be processed until we send that confirmation. 

Thankyou for supporting us.
Francis X. O'Neill

Minimum Donation is $1.00