THE HERITAGE BATTALION is an informal, unincorporated association formed around and by the WWII Veterans of the 503d Parachute Regimental Combat Team who have internet access. 

The 503d Parachute Regimental Combat Team Association, World War II, Inc. ("the Association") has voted democratically that it is to be a "last man standing" organization. This means that its membership register is finite, and that the Association will be dissolved upon the death of its last member. 

For that reason, THE 503d PRCT HERITAGE BATTALION was formed with the intention of surviving the loss of the last 503d WWII paratrooper.  Its  purpose is to support,  preserve and propagate all aspects of the heritage of  503d PRCT. In the internet context, it gathers together materials which might otherwise disappear in the "mists of time,"  and makes them available for readers and researchers alike.

Its logo (at the foot of this page) depicts a 503d trooper, with a canopy in the background appearing like angel wings, floating down towards Corregidor.

Its role is to make that information available to the fresh generations such that there will never be an American generation which cannot readily access and share in the history of the 503d PRCT of WWII and to promote pride in the 503d Lineage.  

At its reunion in Phoenix, 2009, The Regimental Association 'The 503d Parachute Regimental Combat Team Association, World War II, Inc.' officially recognized the Heritage Battalion to that purpose.

We also hope it can continue the patriotic, familial and social relationships which were formed within the parent Association. To those, we hope it can add the members of the 503d of other generations. 

The Battalion's Roll is open to everyone who wishes to maintain and preserve the spirit of the 503d PRCT beyond the passing of its members. To date, the Heritage Bn has been purely an internet based arrangement, and we hope that it can progress to become an active social association which can reflect all those who hold dear those men who served and sacrificed during the course of WWII.

Bless 'em All !

William T. Calhoun ("F Co.")
Donald E. Abbott ("A", "D" & E" Co.) (now dec'd)
Bob Flynn (161st Parachute Eng. Co.) (now dec'd)
Francis X. O'Neill  ("I" Co.)(now dec'd)
Tony Sierra ("D" Co.)
Chet Nycum ("G" Co.)
Paul F. Whitman (Hons.)

Stephen R. Foster











Corregidor Then and Now

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The Lost Road

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503d PRCT Heritage Bn.

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Coast Artillery Manila & Subic Bays

John Lindgren

The Rock Patch

503d PIR as a Case Study

Rock Force Honor Roll

4th Marines on Corregidor

George M. Jones

By Order of Maj. Kline

Engineers' Report - Corregidor

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503d Jump at Nadzab

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Jim Mullaney

2/503 Vietnam Newsletter

Cleaning Up Corregidor

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Interview - Clevenger

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The 503d PRCT Heritage Battalion is the Official Website of the 503d Parachute RCT Association of WWII Inc. Join with us and share the 503d Heritage and values.

So that the last man standing shall not stand alone.



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