462d Prcht FA Bn Battery "D" (Corregidor) - Jesse B. Gandee
501st Thanksgiving Menu, Panama 1941
503d History & Chronology - Don Abbott
503d PRCT Placenames Maps -
503d PRCT in the Philippines- Frank Foster's Collection
503d PRCT Sketchbook - Paul Turley
503d PRCT Corregidor KIA Honor Roll
503d PIR, 503d PRCT WWII Honor Roll
"A" Company Diary, 22 Aug 1941-10 Nov 1945
- About the deaths of these troopers on Corregidor, something is known - ExO
A Handful of Silk and God - 462d Trooper's Poem
A Small Piece of War - Robert W. Armstrong
Advanced Infantry Officers' Class Papers - (Ft. Benning)

An Afternoon With Charlie "Doc" Bradford - John L. Lindgren

An Outline of Events at Wheeler Pt. On The Night of 18/19 February, 1945 - John L. Lindgren

A Condensed History of the 503d PRCT - Don Abbott
A Soldier Remembered - Delmar D. Holbrook
"Bad History"- Carl White
Battery Monja - Index to Articles
    - "D" Co. Attack - 21 February
    - "E" Co. Attack - 23 February  |  Associated Field Note
    - "D" Co. Attack - 24 February
    - The Lost Road
    - Unassailable Monja
Battlebook - Corregidor - Bush, Cochrane, Gingrich, Gross, Hackett & Schultz.
Before The Big Bang - Jerry Riseley
"The Best Warrior I Ever Knew" - William T. Calhoun
"Bless 'Em All" Project - Calhoun & Whitman
Book Reviews
- Back to Corregidor - America Retakes The Rock - Devlin
    - Home Was Never Like This - Yardley/Turnbo
- A Walk Through Hell - Ferguson
- Tears in the Darkness - Norman
- Three Winds of Death - Saga of the 503d - Guthrie
- Fighting for MacArthur - Gordon
By Order of Major Kline - (Photo Essay)
Casualties at Banzai Point
Chronological History of "F" Co., 503d. - Don Abbott
Cleanup of Corregidor's South Beach - Beth Romulo
"Coming Back (to Gordonvale) " - Capt. Bill Bossert
"Communication Report - Corregidor" - Capt. Charles R. Rambo
Corregidor After Action Reports - a selection
"Corregidor Day 2006"
"Combat Over Corregidor"-Charles H. Bradford M.D. 
    - Preview The Book
"Corregidor Island Operation" - USAFFE Report
"Corregidor: Isle of Delusion" - Japanese Propaganda
"Corregidor Narrative" - As it Happened - 2nd Bn Journal
"Corregidor" - Poetry by Gertus H. Jones
"Corregidor Coordination"  - Lt. Col. E. M. Postlethwait
"Corregidor Diary - April 1989"  - John Lindgren
Corregidor Island Operation (Narrative - Unknown Author)
Corregidor Revisited 2011 (Dick Adams)  - Welteke, Moffitt, Kwiecinski
Corregidor Whiskey  - Dan MacRaild
"Corregidor Roster 1945"  - Harold Templeman
"D + 60 Years"   - Carl White, Paul O'Friel & Karl Welteke
"D" Company 503d PRCT Roster  - John Lindgren
"Dear Mom and Dad" - George Leland Taylor's Letters Home
"Dear Mother and Dad" - Richard Adams' Letters Home
"Diary Notes" - Bill Calhoun
"Doom Da Garr-bitch"
"Duane Larson - The Presence of His Absence" - Dolane Larson
 eBay Madness
"E" Company Attack On Battery Monja - Don Abbott
"E" Company Journal - Extracts for Corregidor
Engineer's Report on Corregidor Op.- Earl McFarland
Facets of the 503d PRCT Experience
    - The 503d PIR Song
    - Booze and Booty
    - The Truck
    - The Great Corregidor Turkey Shoot
    - Ft. Mills' Nameplate
    - Bob Hope at Noemfoor
    - No 'Suicide Cliff'
    - 'Doc' Bradford
    - Miracle at Noemfoor
    - Mysterious Ways
    - My First Combat Patrol
    - Reunion Update 1948/1949
    - The Death of Benny Slowe
    - The Death of Karsten Hall
    - Songs and Slogans
    - Water water nowhere - but we found a drop to drink
    - No Smoking!
    - On The Beach at Corregidor.- Weldon B. Hester
    - Bronze Star at Banzai Pt.- Art Sanchez
    - Facets of the Corregidor Experience - |1|
"F" Company 503d PRCT Roster  - Bill Calhoun
 Frank Foster's "G" Co. Photo Collection -Steve Foster
Fate of the Corregidor Flag - Charles R. Rambo
Field Orders - Corregidor. Opn 48, F.O. #2, 462nd F.A. - Kline
Frequently Asked 503d Questions - Awards & Ribbons
Frequently Asked 503d Questions - Various
Ft. Benning Infantry School Monographs - Index Page
G-2 Report No. 77 CORREGIDOR - Document Extract
General Orders (Awards)
    - 6 March, 1945
    - 7 March, 1945
    - 12 March, 1945
    - 8 May, 1945 (Presidential Unit Citation)
    - 3 July, 1945 (G.O. No. 18)
    - Silver Star Medal & Bronze Star Medal Award Citations
"Ghosts of Corregidor" - A Photographic Essay
"GI Philippine Scrapbook - Photo Series 1945
"Gordonvale Diary" - Jim Mullaney
    - 161st Parachute Engineer Bn.
    - 462d Parachute Field Artillery Bn.
    - 503d Parachute Infantry (Cat Patch)
    - 503d PRCT (Rock Patch) 
    - 503d PRCT (Heritage Bn. Patch)
- 1/503d Infantry Regiment (Air Assault) 
    - Corregidor Historic Society 
Heritage Bn Photographic Collections
    _ 503d PIR - The Early Days - Australia, New Guinea
    - About the "G" Company Photo Collections
    - Frank Foster's Collection
  - Frank Zore's Collection
    - The Bailey-Calhoun Collection
    - The Charles Durden Collection
    - The Corregidor Invasion Reconnaissance Series
    - The "G" Co. in Negros Collection
    - Selections from the Gallaspy Collection
    - Jim Mullaney's Ft. Benning Collection
    - John Reynolds' Collection
    - Selections from the MacRaild Collection - Nadzab
    - Selections from the Main Collection
    - Bernard B. Morton's Collection
    Selections from the Jim Mathis Collection
    - Selections from the National Archives
    - Selections from the Nycum Collection

The Troopers of Corregidor - Group Portraits taken in
   Mindoro,  arranged vi
a Home State

    - George Leland Taylor's Collection
    - Selections from Gerard Weber's Collection
He Would Never Talk About It - Don Abbott
Historical Records Section - CD Rom Feature only
    - Corregidor Operation S-3 Reports
    - Negros Operation S-3 Report 28 June 45

Historical Report Corregidor Island Operation
(Operation No. 48) ) - Col.  George M. Jones, Commanding

History of Company "E" 503d Prcht Inf.
History of the Insular Lumber Co. in WWII - J. R. Peck
Hofer, Robert E. - The War Years - Stephen R. Hofer
HQ Co Journal  - Second Battalion's Corregidor Journal
How I Remember It - Chet Nycum
    My Private War - Still Photo Archive Feature
I'm Looking For . . .
Incidents at San Carlos Prison Compound - Lou Aiken
Interview with a Trooper - Video Essay by Gary Voelker
In The  Southwest Pacific With The 503 - Norman Petzelt
Jack Weiss - 501st PIB & 503d PIR  - Carl White
Japanese POW's on Corregidor 1945 - George Munson
  Japs in American Clothing - The Heroic Death of S/Sgt. John Guthrie - (Nycum/Whitman)
Koshi Ando - A Nisei 503d Trooper - Jon Klusmire
    - 161st Parachute Engineer Bn.
    - 503d Parachute Infantry 
    - 462d Parachute Field Artillery Bn.
    - 2d Bn. (Airborne) 503d Infantry
    - History of the 173d Airborne Brigade - J. L. Peoples
  - KIA's of the 2/503 in Iraq and Afghanistan
Lopez Raises The Flag - 65 Years After - Steve Kwiecinski
The Lost Road - William T. Calhoun
Linking the 2/503's - Don Abbott
M-7 Mission to Topside - John D. Reynolds
Mailcall - From & About the Troopers
Making the Digital 1921 Corregidor Map - Martyn Keen
Markham Valley - Nadzab Operation 1943
  503d PIR - The Early Days - New Guinea
  Nadzab - Notes of the Mission Briefing, 4 September 1943
  Ops of the 503d PIR in Markham Valley -Eldon Campbell
  The Great Fire Fight of 5-6 Sept., 1943 - Lou Aiken
  Nadzab - The First Successful Airborne Operation - Jim Lowe
  Parachute Assault Saved Airborne Concept for Future Operations - David Cordero
  Report of Encounter with Enemy Forces - 26 October 1943
  Roster of 2nd Bn. Jumpers at Nadzab - Jerry Riseley
    - Selections from the MacRaild Collection - Nadzab
Medal of Honor Awardees
    - John Andrew Barnes III - 503d Inf.
    - Michael R. Blanchfield - 503d Inf.
    - Glen H. English Jr. - 503d Infantry
    - Ray E. Eubanks - 503d Pcht, Inf.
    - Salvatore Guinta - 503d Airborne Infantry Regiment
    - Lawrence Joel - 503d Inf.
     - Carlos James Lozada - 503d Inf. 
    - Lloyd G. McCarter - 503d PIR
    - Don Leslie Michael - 503d Inf.
    - Charles B. Morris - 503d Inf. 
    - Milton Lee Olive III - 503d Inf. 
    - Alfred Rascon - 503d Inf. 
Medical Section, Historic Report - Thomas H. Stevens MC
    - Aid Station Roster - Leabhart
Memories of a Tragic Day - Jack Herzig
  Mindoro Operation
Mindoro Invasion Field Order No. 1 -
Missing in Action - 12 Troopers who never returned
Negros Operation
    A Partial History of the Negros Campaign - Lou Aiken
    Introduction and 8th Army Report 
    185th Inf., with 3d Bn, 503d PRCT Attached
    462d Prcht FA Bn Battery "D" (Negros) - Jesse B. Gandee
    Growing Up Overnight- The Negros Campaign -Charles R. Stribling
    Japs in American Clothing - The Heroic Death of S/Sgt. John Guthrie - Nycum/Whitman
    Lt. Norman Turpin  - "F" Co's last KIA.  - Bill Calhoun
    My Recall of Experiences on Negros Island - Lou Aiken
    Negros Was No Playground - "B" Co in Negros -Lou Aiken
    Negros - One of the Toughest - Ralph Llewellyn
    Report of the Commanding General, 8th Army
    Reports of General MacArthur - Corregidor  -  Negros
    Return to Negros -  Steve Foster
    The Negros Operation
    The Gaston Deliverance
    The "G" Co. in Negros Collection
    Tracing the Tokaido Road, Negros, P. I. - Paul Whitman
    War's End  - Surrender of the Japanese Forces - photos
Newsreels and Documentaries
    Corregidor Newsreel
    Corregidor Newsreel - Cleaning Up Corregidor
    Corregidor Retaken
    Jump on Corregidor
    Jump on Nadzab
    Mop-Up In Manila Harbor
    Clevinger Interview
    Japan Invades The Philippines
Night of 1000 Hours - Bill Calhoun with Paul Whitman
Noemfoor Operation
    - Bob Hope at Noemfoor
    - General Orders No. 25, 9 July 1944  (Purple Hearts)
    - Miracle at Noemfoor
    - Purple Hearts on Noemfoor - Don Abbott
    - Special Orders No. 107, 13 Sept 1944 (Rotation Home) 
    - The Noemfoor Subway  - Louis G. Aiken Sr.
Now Showing - Index page of Newsreels & Videos
Night at Wheeler Point - John L. Lindgren
Of Chickens, Sparrows and Eagles -  by Bob Flynn
Old Soldiers Can't Forget -  poetry by Lou Aiken
"On Corregidor" - Poetry by Thomas N. Murphy
One Bronze Arrowhead -  from "Bless 'em All"
Operations of the 3d Bn on Corregidor - John H. Blair, III
Operations of The Rock Force in the Recapture of Corregidor - Magnus L. Smith
Peltzelt's Low Trajectory Mortar - Paul Whitman
Raid on a Japanese Radio Station - Jack Herzig
Recalling My War - Verne White
Recapture of Corregidor - IMPACT, Vol III No. 4, April 1945
Recollections on Corregidor - Howard Lout
Red Cross Man on Corregidor - Weldon B. Hester
Remembering Mindoro - Don Abbott
Report - Enemy Tactics -  Jap Naval Suicide Crash Boat Tactics
"Reunion" - Poetry by Bill Calhoun
Rock Force Corregidor - Index to an associated website
Rock Patch  - Bob Flynn
Rosters & Lists
    - 2d Bn, Aid Station Personnel, Corregidor
    - 2d Bn, Casualty List, Corregidor
    - 2d Bn. Jumpers, Nadzab, Markham Valley
    - Bravery Awards
    - Corregidor Jump Roster, 16 February, 1945
    -"D" Company, Corregidor, 16-24 February 1945
    -"D" Company, Casualty List, Banzai Point, Corregidor, 18/19 February 1945
    -"D" Company, Casualty List, Wheeler Point, Corregidor, 24 February 1945
    -"F" Company, Corregidor, 16 February 1945
    -KIA, 503d, 462d & 161st - WWII
    -KIA,  503d, 462d & 161st, on Corregidor
    -MIA, 503d, & 462d - WWII
    -State of Origin Photo List
Sentimental Journey - Don Abbott
Shin'yo Tai That Died in An Honorable Defeat - Japanese letters
Short History of the 462d PFA Bn - Lt. Plemmons
Sightseeing Corregidor on a Wooden Leg - Harry Drews
Signal Corps stills of Corregidor - Heritage Collection
Slideshow Index Page - Index of Still-Photo Slideshows
Souveniring - Lester H. Levine
Synoptic History of the 462d PFA Bn - "Hoot" Gibson
TAPS - Death Notices & Valedictions
The Basic Trainee - Verne White
The Passing Captains - Tony Sierra
The Test Platoon - Bill Calhoun, Paul Whitman
  The Navy Intercept Tunnel, Monkey Pt.  - Don Abbott
The Noemfoor Subway  - Louis G. Aiken Sr.
The 503d Australians - Paul Whitman
The 503d at Gordonvale - H. Clive Morton
The 2-503d Jumps into Iraq  - Adrian Schulte
The Adjutant's Journal -  Jerry B. Riseley
The Corregidor Historic Society
The Corregidor Massacre of 1968 - Paul Whitman
The Courts Martial of Capt. Walsh & Capt. Bache
The Death of James W. Jordon - Ferris Champney
The Japanese Who Await - William T. Calhoun
The Philippine Airborne - trained by the 503d  - Les Hughes
The Return To The Rock - IMPACT, Vol III No. 9, Sept-Oct1945
The Warden - George M. Jones - Don Abbott
Three Flashlites on Corregidor - Lou G. Aiken
  Tracing the Tokaido Road.  - Gallery
  Triumph in the Philippines - Corregidor  - Negros
Unassailable Monja - Paul Whitman
Under Dubious Stars - Short Story Fiction by Tony Sierra
The U.S.N. at Corregidor  - Paul Whitman
The View From Here  - Don Abbott
With the 503d PRCT on Corregidor - Don Abbott
WWII Uniform Patches - FAQ
"Woody" -   Christopher Stout
"Writing about the Battle at Wheeler Point" -   John 'Jungle Fox' Lindgren.